3rd Young Talents Tournament – Boston, 12.02.2017

Vicky getting ready with her Dad and Steven watching – photo courtesy of E.B. Wozniak.

About 70 people participated in the TKFGB National Squad training conducted by the World Champion, Sensei Łukasz Radwański, 4 Dan. Afterwards the 3rd Young Talents Tournament took place, where children had an opportunity to compete in kata and kumite. We are very proud to announce that our member, Victoria Kalli won first place in her category (kata individual juniors, up to 7th kyu, 2006 and older). Great job – well done!

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    • Victoria really enjoyed the opportunity and experience of taking part in the Boston Cup. She was delighted with the result which has given her more confidence in her potential to improve and encourage her to work even harder to develop her skills and technique. Victoria appreciates the comments and thanks them for the support.

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